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Methodists on LJ

the LiveJournal home of the United Methodist Church

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All Members , Moderated
A LiveJournal home for those of or interested in the Methodist faith.
With all of the communities on LiveJournal, it was surprising that there was no community devoted specifically to Methodism. This community is an effort to provide Methodists with an LJ home of their own. Post faith questions, musings, or just chat about your experiences in and out of church. Individuals who are not Methodist but are curious or just want in on the fun are welcome and encouraged to join. Just post a brief intro when you sign on, so that we can meet you.

Some ground rules for the community:

1) Treat other members with respect at all times.
2) Disagreements will happen. Please be civil when they occur. No insults or flaming.
3) Profanity, verbal or pictoral, is inappropriate for this community. Please refrain.
4) NO TROLLS. Trolls will be banned.
5) Please limit crossposting unless absolutely necessary. There will likely be overlap between this community and others, and members may not appreciate reading the same post several times over.
6) Memes are discouraged. If inappropriate to the community, you will be asked to remove the post.
7) No closing off comments, please.
8) Please, no financial solicitations. Prayer requests and information on various issues or causes are welcome.
9) No spam. Spam posts will be removed without warning.
10) Be open-minded, open-hearted, and HAVE FUN! Faith is a glorious thing.

If a post or comment appears to be in violation of one or more of the ground rules, or is concerning/questionable in some other way, please feel free to contact a moderator. Life does get in the way sometimes, and things slip through the cracks. That doesn't mean the bad behaviors are condoned; rather, that the moderators are human. :)

Questions/comments? Email lj.methodism@gmail.com
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