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Subject:Workshop announcement
Time:04:52 pm
Are you thinking of starting a new scouting program at your church?
Have you been approached by someone wanting to start a scouting program at your church?
Would you like to know how to get the most out of your scouting programs?
Would you like to know how to use scouting ministry to make disciples and grow the church?
Then this is the workshop you’ve been looking for.

Making Disciples
Through Scouting Ministry:

a workshop for
pastors, local church leaders,
and scouting volunteers

February 25, 2012
9 a.m.—3 p.m.
Ellettsville First UMC

Sponsored by NAUMS.
Cost is $5 (for lunch).
Register with Art Collins now at
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Subject:question for deacons, associate pastors, etc.
Time:11:47 am
Hey folks,

I am just wondering, for those of you who may be associate pastors or deacons with a primary appointment to a church, what has been your experience of your role during a pastoral change of the head pastor?

I'm a deacon with a primary appointment to a local church, and the pastor has recently announced his upcoming retirement this June. I am experiencing some confusion about what my role is in the pastoral change process and have not been able to get straight answers from folks here or from the Discipline. This leads me to think there probably is no one protocol for this, and it may just be handled differently depending on the traditions and orientations of the church staff, conference, DS, and Bishop in each case. So that's why I'm asking here, to find out if any of you have experienced this and how it worked for you.
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Subject:UM Philmont Trek opportunity
Time:07:31 pm
NAUMS has been assigned two crews for a 12-day backpacking trek at Philmont in July, 2012. We are now looking for qualified leadership for these two crews.

*Crew Advisors must be mature and experienced Scouting/Venturing leaders.
*They must be active members of The United Methodist Church, familiar with the concept of Scouting as Ministry.
*They must be able to work well with the NAUMS Board of Directors and with other leaders to recruit, finance, and carry off this program.

NAUMS sponsored its first-ever United Methodist crew at Philmont this past summer. From that experience, we are putting together a program to standardize what we hope to achieve through this ministry. Key to what we expect from the crews we sponsor are the following.

1. NAUMS will provide a devotional and practical outline of doing a trek based in UM spiritual practice. Crews will be expected to use this material. The overall title of our program is "The Children of Jedediah Smith," Smith being the iconic mountain man (and Methodist) who led the opening up of the Rocky Mountains. He is our "patron saint" for this adventure.

2. While at Philmont, the two crews will follow complementary itineraries, which will allow them to meet during the trek (preferably on a layover) and do some important things together. If no clergy are with either crew, then we will try to hook up the two crews at this time with a UM chaplain for a service.

3. We expect our crews to be "co-ed capable." That means the local leadership for each crew must include both male and female leaders.

4. Youth (and adults) attending need to be affiliated in some way with our UM Scouting Ministry. That means that each participant must be either a) a United Methodist oneself, or b) registered in a UM-chartered Troop or Crew. Since this is a church-sponsored trek, the participants will worship together. At some point, holy communion will be offered. This should be made plain to the participants. We welcome non-UMs to participate in our Scouting Ministry, but this is not just another Philmont trek. This is an adventure in spiritual formation as well as one of the premier Scouting experiences.

5. We are attempting to pick Advisors from different parts of the country, in order to spread the opportunity around to do this trek. In addition, Philmont strongly suggests (and we concur) that we should endeavor to have full crews. A full crew is twelve (12) persons; no more than four can be adults, and if there are fewer than twelve in a crew, adults cannot outnumber youth. So we want Advisors who are open to taking eligible youth from other Troop and Crews with them, as space allows.

5. Philmont's schedule for payments is not flexible. Crew Advisors need to get right on the business of recruiting participants and raising money.

For more information, please contact Art Collins, President of NAUMS. You may also reply through this LiveJournal/Facebook posting with your e-mail address.
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Subject:New here!
Time:10:16 pm
Hello everyone!
I don't know exactly why it never occurred to me to search for a Methodist community on here before, but I just found you!
My name is Kristi. I was raised in the Methodist church and am planning to start on my M.Div. at Drew University in August. I'm still discerning exactly what I'm going to do with that M.Div., but ordination as a Deacon is in the mix. I'm excited about it, but I'm also pretty nervous! It's been a few years since I finished my undergrad degree. Eek!
I don't have time to post as often as I once did, but I want to join the discussions when I can.
I just wanted to say hello rather than start out and remain a lurker. ;)
Looking forward to the community!
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Subject:Change the World - Video clips
Time:05:38 pm
Maybe these video clips aren't new to others here, but I just happened across them.  Thought I'd share them in case there were others, like me, who hadn't seen them yet...

Change the World

Change the World, Book Trailer

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Time:02:39 pm
Wow, this is amazing. So after my last post here I got some ideas about things to search for. I found this -- The Order of Salvation in John Wesley’s Theology. This is amazing. That's basically what I believe. I could totally be Methodist, I just really love the liturgy and worship style of the Episcopalians/Episcopals.

Thanks for your help.
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Time:02:50 am
Hello! I am actually not Methodist, but Episcopalian. I am considering going to a Methodist seminary next year for an MA in Church history or New Testament. There is a methodist seminary by my house and i didn't think it'd be too bad -- Wesley was part of the Church of England once.

Are there any people here familiar with Methodist theology? Like really familiar?
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Subject:Communion and the Light
Time:11:29 am
I'm sure you're all aware of (and probably weary of hearing about) the obstacle to attending church services I face as a result of my work schedule.  However, last Sunday I was able to get the time off work to attend services and had such a truly AWEsome experience, I wanted to share it.  Rather than spam my LJ Communities with cross-posts, any who might have some interest in hearing can read about it here:  http://ichthus.livejournal.com/7234.html
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Subject:Happy New Year ...and F-List
Time:07:35 am
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

I've just added several of you from this community to my Friends List.  If I've added you, and you prefer I hadn't, let me know and I'll be sure to un-do it.  Also, if there is anyone watching this community who might have an interest in friending my journal, you are welcome to do.  There's not a lot of content, as yet, mostly bits of Scripture and hymns or other works I've found helpful or inspiring.

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[icon] Methodists on LJ
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 9 entries.
Missed some entries? Then simply jump back 10 entries